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We are a Community Resource Center that Specializes in the Healing and development of young men and young fathers.


OUR MISSION is to help REAL people through REAL problems with REAL resources.

OUR VISION is to increase Self-Awareness, relentlessly promote Father Involvement, and eradicate Fatherlessness.

Organizational Objectives:

To Empower the Man through mentorship sessions.

To Empower the Father through parenting classes.

To Empower the “Future” Community Leader.

Our philosophy is to provide the environment and services necessary to successfully stabilize and effectively equip these young men to succeed as parents and in life.

Healing Haven History

As an entrepreneur whose business had become a beacon in the community of College Park, Ga. since 2008 Sean has employed, coached and mentored countless men and young fathers through the challenges of life. The applicants were mostly young black men (fathers included)  ranging from the ages of 18-30. Most were either on probation, just getting out of prison or in need of guidance and resources.


Sean could easily relate because he too faced some of the same challenges as a high school-aged father. After taking a closer look and actively listening for the current needs of young men and young fathers, they discovered that real resources for men were really scarce and most programs were short on impact because they often lacked credibility, creativity, sustainability or genuine care for the clients development. 

Being robbed at gunpoint and shot three times by a young black man in 2015 at his place of business reignited his passion for being of service and accessible to young men as he revisited his own past as a young black male with a checkered past. Two years later he founded Healing Haven of Atlanta Inc. Where people saw tragedy and fear, he felt empathy and saw an opportunity to help our young men and young fathers. Healing Haven of Atlanta, Inc. also gained its nonprofit status of 501c(3) in that same year.  They specialize in healing and development by taking a holistic approach. 

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