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Founded in 2003, the Sisters Empowerment Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that began when the founder Veda Brown called a meeting with a group of her friends to discuss issues and concerns that affect women which included a conversation on devastating impact of domestic violence in the United States and its impact on destroying the cohesiveness in the family unit. In 2006, SEN was incorporated as a not-for profit organization.


For over 10 years, Sisters Empowerment Network, Inc. (SEN) has been committed to supporting women and girls, including victims of domestic violence and the community at large through information, resources, referrals and services which includes but not limited to: career services, financial management, parenting, in addition to counseling and legal services.


Their professional and caring staff, and volunteers provide our services annually to women and girls in the Clayton County and surrounding communities, relying exclusively on donations from individuals, local and corporate businesses and foundations to maintain our fundamental programs.

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